Tomb Raider’s Alicia Vikander: Dance FM exclusive interview

March 5, 2018

This month the world will witness the beginning of a legend – Lara Croft. Dance FM caught up with the leading star of 2018’s Tomb Raider, Alicia Vikander for an interview on her journey as one of the most reckless heroes out there.

The movie will hit cinemas across the UAE on the 15th of March 2018. Check it out the full interview below.



I have got an Academy-Award winner with me, also on Forbe’s thirty under thirty list, you may know her as Lara Croft but here she is the woman of the hour, Alessia Vikander. How are you?

Wow, that is probably the most exciting presentation I’ve had in a long time. Thank you.

I’m just practising for when I start giving away Oscars and Grammys and stuff. Very nice to be speaking to you, Alicia. Congratulations on the movie Tomb Raider.

Thank you, thank you.

So, how did it come about to have you cast as the role of Lara Croft and how important do you think this moment is in your career?

I got the call asking about my interest for the film over the phone over two years ago, so I mean for me, the first reaction was I grew with the game and I saw the Angelina Jolie film and I was like “Hasn’t that been done?” And then the producers and the directors of the film introduced me to the rebooted version of the game that I had only kind of vaguely read about which is much more like an origin story and I’ve learned, even though I’ve not played video games so much for the last 15 years, I really realized how much she has morphed and evolved over the years. I really then felt like as an actor that it was a possibility to make a new angle and treasure all the traits that she’s so loved for and to make something new and exciting for the audience and fans.

You mentioned something about Lara Croft as a character, kind of morphing over the years and being something different. She’s a woman that young girls look up to, so you have girls who see this movie and they say “I want to be her.” So, did knowing that influence the way that you wanted to portray Lara in the film?

Yeah, well when you portray a famous character or a person who has lived in real life, you always have to really pay attention and make sure that you honour that character and give homage to the reasons why she has such a following and people looking up to her. With the rebooted game they kind of chose to maybe show a more naturalistic side to this character.

It’s a coming of age story now of a young person who hasn’t taken the easy route, who hasn’t used the privileges that she’s from. Instead, this is really the story of her trying to find your own destiny and past. For each kind of step that she takes, she matures and I think we really feel like we will root for her when she’s forced to bring this warrior out of her step by step.

Now one more question I wanted to ask you – it’s kind of a two-parter – so first I wanted to know how it was for you shooting the parts that you did in Cape Town? And if you could tell me what you would define as the craziest or most memorable moment that you had during filming?

First of all, I have a lot of testament to Cape Town. I think is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen on earth, I mean I woke up looking out at the ocean every morning, having Table Mountain behind me. So anyone who hasn’t been there like me before, I recommend going there. Favourite action… I mean we had over a hundred days of shoot on this film. We did a huge scene that is actually a bit of a homage to the 2013 game of Lara going down a river and then on to a waterfall and there’s a bomber plane involved. All those things were shot over eight different locations and setups and probably over ten days. And to see that come together on screen, in the end, that was really cool.

That’s a very good point that you bring up because you know when you’re working on something whether it be film or arts, music… You have this passion while you’re doing it but at the end when you see it all come together that’s when you sit back and you’re like “Okay, this is beautiful.”

It’s interesting because I very rarely see my films, when they’re actually, actually done. I’ve been in the edits, seeing maybe eight different versions of the film. I still haven’t seen the last sound edit. For me as an actor, a year or more now since the first discussion, it’s that journey and then it comes down to a two-hour film, which sometimes seems crazy but I love the journey of making films.


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