Camelphat: Dance FM exclusive interview

March 6, 2018

Unless you live under a rock, you have definitely heard one of 2017’s most played and Shazamed songs, Cola by the British electronic duo, Camelphat. The two started making music in 2008 and are now signed to Spinnin’ Records. Whilst in Dubai to perform at the FIVE Hotel Palm Jumeirah, Dance FM’s James Aramouni caught up with them for an interview. Check it out below.

I have got the one, or two and only, Camelphat with me. How’s it going?

Hello hello.

Welcome back to the UAE.

Good to be back, we absolutely love Dubai, any excuse to come back with the sun, the ladies and the hotels. And the whole package is amazing, so any excuse, we’ll be back anytime.

I want to get to the level of success you guys have been having for a while but first I’ve been kind of like, very much encouraged to ask where did the name Camelphat come from? 

It’s just a genuine love for fat camels. Like I said, we love Dubai, we come along. We like to go to the desert safaris and we always check out a few fat camels now and then – the name stuck around. To be fair, we just think it leaps out on an artwork. Years ago when we did set up ourselves as a production duo we just needed something that was going to stand out on a flyer and basically, our names are Mike and Dave and that just didn’t cut it. Camelphat seems to work.

So it might not be as like, you know, you had some mythical dream and something told you to name yourselves Camelphat?

To be fair, that’s the best answer we’ve been given. We’ll use that one again actually.

So listen, Cola, right, ya’ll collaborated with Elderbrook. Very, very successful,  you hit number one on Billboard, you got nominated for a Grammy; how has that been, kind of just riding that wave? First of all, did you expect that when you put the single out?

No, we just make records in the studio and then move on to the next thing so, we weren’t like very precious about it. Then the next minute it started gaining traction and everybody started liking it. Even now, we actually made the track literally a year ago, February the 4th 2017. So for us, it’s like done and dusted but we just had a quote from the NME Magazine from Noel Gallagher saying he wished he wrote it. He loves the track and it’s been featured on a Snapchat filter the other day and has a modest 200 million streams in two days so, it’s not going away. We don’t know what it is; some kind of magic about that particular record but we’re not complaining.

Well yeah, I was gonna’ say you don’t want it to go away just yet. That’s amazing, congratulations guys. That’s actually beautiful. Was there something that kind of inspired it? Like why’s it called Cola, where did that whole idea come from? 

Alex, aka Elderbrook, who obviously wrote it with us, he had done the lyrics and he put down the track so quick, I think it took less than two hours to do the whole track, it was done. We actually had one session with him in the morning to manage two tracks and that’s just one of two. We actually didn’t even give it a name, we called it Cola for short because it was in its demo stage and Mike is the laziest person ever when it comes to writing actual names for tracks. So it just got put down as Cola and it’s just stuck and that was it, literally, that’s been the name of the record since.

So I guess, you know, the magic can happen regardless of how much thinking and all that you do…

I think the magic happens when you don’t think about exactly do you think about it. When you do think about it, it doesn’t.

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