Sam Feldt in Dubai: Dance FM exclusive interview

March 11, 2018

Sammy Renders,  or as you may know him, Sam Feldt, was in Dubai on Thursday, the 1st of March for his performance at The Penthouse, FIVE Palm Jumeirah. Before his set, the Dutch DJ dropped by that Dance FM studios for an exclusive interview with James Aramouni. He spilt the beans on his upcoming music and gave listeners updates on his 2018 Tomorrowland sets.

Check out the interview below.

Here are some photos of Sam Feldt at The Penthouse at the FIVE Palm Hotel.

Right now on Drive Time, we have got somebody that Billboard claims is a modern house superstar and I would be a fool to disagree. Sam Feldt, how’re you doing man?

What’s up? Good to be here.

Same here, it’s very nice to meet you and have you back at Dance FM studios.


You loving Dubai?

Yeah, I arrived on Monday already so decided to take a few days and explore Dubai. Took my girlfriend with me as well. And we’re staying at the FIVE hotel, where I’m playing tonight. Beautiful new hotel, so yeah we’re enjoying ourselves.

It is gorgeous up there. Speaking of, let’s get right to it. Sam Feldt playing tonight as part of Skyline Thursdays happening at The Penthouse at the FIVE Palm Hotel. It is beautiful, in addition to seeing Sam Feldt perform, there is a beautiful, spectacular view of almost everywhere in Dubai. Great food and a great time to be had – it’s a beautiful atmosphere.

Now I want to just ask you a question about your career. I got familiar with you a couple years ago. What would you say was the defining moment of your career? When did Sam Feldt kind of sit back and be like “Man, I made it.”

I don’t have the feeling yet that I made it because I’m always looking forward and trying to achieve more and having bigger records and that kind of stuff but I think “Show me love” for me was a turning point where I said to myself okay this could actually be something maybe in the future. Where I could actually make this into a career.

Before that it was always a hobby, I’ve been DJing since I was 11 years old but I was never able to pay the bills with it. After “Show me love” and the heavy touring that followed and then it really struck me like okay this is something I can really do for a living.

You can pay your bills and the family’s bills. That’s awesome and so we know you love the UAE and we really love you here. It’s awesome to have you back and we know you’re still riding on the success of your album Sunrise which came out in October.

Do you have any future plans that you might want to tell me and only me about? Just like some secret things you’ve got?

Yeah, yeah. Just like we’re not on a radio.

Well, I just released my remix album After the Sunset. So, that’s all the club mixes and the festival mixes that I’m playing in my DJ sets of the album. The album is called Sunrise to Sunset. It’s two parts basically, 24 tracks and now there are 15 other remixes out so it’s a lot of music that’s on the market right now. I just did a remix for Kygo that got released on Valentine’s day and my new single is dropping end of March, around Miami Music Week. So perfect time to start playing it, maybe even tonight!

Maybe Dubai is going to get a sneak peek of something that you won’t be playing yet, until the end of March. Very much looking forward to that new single, Sam. We have something else that we’re very excited for when it comes to your future plans and it’s not that far off – Tomorrowland. You’re booked, right? 

Yupe, I’m actually booked I think two or three times maybe. I’m playing the main stage on the first weekend and I think I’m doing another side stage the second week, maybe even two. I saw a lot of Tomorrowland offers coming in but at least one of them is the main stage for the first time.

That is beautiful. Is it your first time doing the main stage?

I played Tomorrowland for the past three years and every time I come back I’m like, “Wow!” It will be really cool to do the main stage one time. Now we made it happen so that’s cool.

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