Martin Solveig in Dubai: Dance FM exclusive interview

April 5, 2018

Ahead of his performance at Dubai’s newest superclub, DJ Martin Solveig spoke to Gemma from The Vibe, giving Dance FM and listeners the inside scoop on what to expect on Saturday, the 31st of March. The French DJ and producer let us in on his creative process when it comes to his music videos and his visits to Dubai.

Listen to the full interview below.

Having played at the Gotha club in the south of France, Martin Solveig said he was looking forward to seeing what the Dubai version of the superclub is going to be like. He also states that as a frequent visitor to Dubai, he loves the music scene here.

Solveig is very involved when it comes to the artistic direction and visualisation of his music. He has directed all his music video so far and even develops mood boards for each video before it goes into production so that the music and the imagery are well connected and “have the same vibe.”

Right now the world-renowned DJ is halfway done with his new album and is currently recruiting artists to feature on his tracks. He did not tell us much, apart from the fact almost a dozen collaborations can be expected. He promised that partiers at the Gotha Club Dubai would be privy to some of his new tracks.

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