Conor Maynard in Dubai: Dance FM exclusive interview

April 9, 2018

British Youtube star, singer and record producer Conor Maynard was in Dubai for the launch weekend of the city’s newest superclub, Gotha. Conor was all set to perform at the club on Friday, the 30 of March, a day after DJ Martin Solveig. Gemma Sexton from The Vibe had a chat with him to see what he has been up, what his plans for the future are and his thoughts on his sister.

Watch the full interview in the video below.

Conor began his rise to fame when he was spotted by Ne-Yo on Youtube. Things took off from there but he has always made an effort to stay grounded by keeping the friends that he grew up with, close. They often visit Dubai with him.

Conor is known for his amazing covers of songs but has been working on his own original music for over five years and is finally set to release his own album soon. He is excited to give fans a taste of his own sound and style.

When Conor Maynard isn’t in LA or touring the globe, you can catch him on his Youtube Channel, having sing-offs with other artists and of course, his little sister, Anna (who happens to be the family’s “Golden Child”). Check out their epic sing-off in the video below. It is evident that the Maynard family can sing! The 17-year-old can sing.

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