Steve Aoki wins a cake-off at Gotha Club Dubai

May 10, 2018

We do not need to tell you this because you already knew that Steve Aoki performed at the Gotha Club Dubai on the 10th of May, this Thursday. Before his performance at Gotha, Danny Cee and Joe Mango interviewed the star DJ and challenged him to a cupcake-off, which he obviously won, since he is a pro.

Check out these photos of Steve Aoki from the night. 



Thursday morning, ahead of his epic performance (yes, we already know that), he gave Danny Cee’s Rude awakening all the juicy details on his new album, his next project and just why he loves the City of Gold so much.

Watch Danny Cee and Steve Aoki go head to head in a cupcake off!

Steve who is a frequent visitor to Dubai, is no stranger to the city or its people. He has even named it the ‘Adult Playground.’ Without a doubt, the city is one of his favourite places in the world, he has bonded with people here and now has a staple circle of friends that he hangs out with when he flies over. Steve gets up to so many things and activities while he is in the city that he has “no room for a hotel.”

You might also want to see what Steve’s massive mansion looks like!

Danny Cee & Katie Overy with Steve Aoki at Tomorrowland last year

The future holds very exciting things for Aoki fans. He enjoys working across different genres, as we have seen with the K-Pop, BTS ‘Mic Drop’ and his Latin collaborations with Daddy Yankee on ‘Azukita.’ He says he is going to continue to work with and in the genres he has dabbled in.

He just finished off a project with an Italian group which samples a really old Italian ballad. Steve loves that his line of work allows him to bring history to life and retrieve things from forgotten archives. He would love to work with Arabic music in the future and explore the music culture in the region with artists and producers.

Bridging genres. I love doing that and I’ve been doing that a lot recently. – Steve Aoki

Watch the entire interview in the video below. 

Considering his love for integrating and crossing genres over, it does not surprise us that his upcoming album ‘Neon Future 3′ is his biggest collaborative and multi-genre project ever. He said he locked himself in his studio for a month to work on it. Later this month he is dropping a big track with Lil’ Yacthy called ‘Pretender.’

Steve Aoki and Lil Yachty in “Night Call”

He has directed documentaries, appeared in video games and now he can add ‘author’ to that list. While he was working on his album Neon Future 3, he was also inching his way to the finish line to complete his memoir, which has been years in the making.

And finally, Danny had to ask the question that everyone wants to know the answer to, Steve Aoki’s signature move – the cake throw. He is always looking for ways to make his shows unique and interactive and through a process of trial and error, throwing cake turned out to be one that stuck (pun intended). Maybe we will get to see a little bit of that tonight at Gotha!


Check out these photos of Steve Aoki from the night. 


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