Dubai’s very own, DJ Bliss: Beats & Bloggers exclusive interview

May 23, 2018

The city of Dubai knows DJ Bliss all too well. A proud product of the UAE, Marwan Parham Al Awadhi, is an Emirati DJ, MC, TV presenter and radio host. Prior to jetting off to his performance and set in Germany, he stopped by Dance FM to have a chat with Gemma Sexton on the newest edition of Beats & Bloggers. He told us all about his love for karak, what the UAE music scene is like and what’s next for his vlogs.

As a born and bred in Dubai guy, DJ Bliss is a massive fan of the traditional karak (you know, that tea with milk and spice). He loves it so much that he made a song about it and even teamed up with the Rainbow brand to bring it to life. Check out the track below.

DJ Bliss is also a vlogger. He vlogs bits and pieces of his busy life and the audience is lapping it up! He received the 100K YouTube Play Button plaque. He says his next milestone is the one million plaque!

As a DJ who plays all around the world, Bliss says that Dubai has a very unique sound, one that he has not witnessed anywhere else. When it comes to choosing between playing at intimate venues versus massive ones, he says he is leaning more towards full-on concerts now. In the future, he wants his sets to turn into concerts with dancers, performances, special effects and more.

Watch the entire DJ Bliss Beats & Bloggers interview below.

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