Ice-T & Mr.X Lunch a brand new Techno Label ‘EBE Nation’

November 6, 2018

A very unlikely duo to a lot of people would be Ice-T & Dance Music, but what most people don’t know is the artist’s Dance Music roots go way back.

Ice-T teamed up with old time friend, hip-hop producer and techno DJ Mr.X (real name Afrika Islam) and started their own Techno label named ‘EBE Nation‘ also know as ‘Electronic Beats Empire Nation

EBE Nation‘ just dropped it’s first project, being an album named ‘Hip Hop DJs Don’t Play Techno‘ consisting of 12 tracks fusing house, techno and hip hop by Mr.X and Ice-T.

Here are few snippets from the project, you can listen to the whole thing on Spotify



Digging deep for this article, we came across a track by the same duo back in 1996 named ‘Afrika Jam’ and surprisingly it has that ‘EDM’ vibe to it


Below are few interviews the duo had earlier regarding the lunch of their label.


How did you first become interested in Electronic Dance Music?

Mr. X: When I went over to Germany in 2000 and I started playing with WestBam, who was like the pope of electro, techno in Germany, Low Spirit Records that ran all the Maydays and ran the Love Parade. That’s how I got involved. I stepped on the stage with a million people, saw electronic music culture and fell in love with it and I wanted to stay there and study it for real instead of pretending like I knew it. I wanted to study the DJ’s, study the habit and live the lifestyle. 16 years later I’m coming back to America with my version of electronic music from being a hip-hop pioneer.


What influenced you to create your own label EBE Nation?

ICE T: When X said he wanted to come back to America, we’re friends because he produced my first 3 raps albums. So he came, said I’m already to come back and start spinning over in the states as Mr. X, make some noise. We said the smartest thing to do would be to start our own label so we could put out music whenever we wanted to. I thought it would also be smart to bring some more people in, build the posy, get some creative brains into the studio with us once we touched down in the States. Right now everything is being done out of Islam Studio in Berlin. EBE is in its infancy, we haven’t really signed any new producers, we’re looking at new music right now. We’re trying to pick an elite team so we can pretty much do what we want to do in this business as far as Electronic Dance Music. I am not an expert in Electronic Dance Music, I am just the business guy, I am pretty much the expert with that.

What techno acts influence the sounds you’re trying to push on your own label or are you trying to forge a new path in technology?

Mr. X: I respect all the techno artists that I listen to. I’m really more respectful of the DJs, Carl Cox, DJ Rush, those DJs from Detroit. I’m definitely more respectful for what they’ve done and we’re trying to forge a new path. This is the hybrid label, experimental label, it’s putting different styles of music together in a vision that has not been done before and that’s what this is about.

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