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The Emoji-verse Is About To Get Bigger And More Inclusive

February 10, 2019

Your emoji game is about to get a whole lot stronger! Unicode Consortium has approved 59 new emojis that will release in April. From a drop of blood to a tuk tuk to prosthetic limbs, this year’s new additions are inclusive and how! If you include the skin tones, the number actually adds up to 230. Apart from the cute sloth, what’s impressive, is the addition of emojis cover people with disabilities and also highlights interracial couples.

The digital vocabulary has come a long way since it’s beginnings in 1999. Other additions include hearing aids, guide dogs, waffles with butter(!), onions, more dogs and flamingos! Even a mechanical arm giving us a thumbs up!

The Emoji 12.0 isn’t groundbreaking however it does take a much-needed step towards representation of diverse cultures and people, and towards inclusivity.

Have a peek at all the new emojis coming to your keyboard this April.

Btw, did you know these ten interesting facts about emojis?

1. World Emoji Day is celebrated on 17th July 🎉.

2. The first emoji was released in 1999 and created by Shigetaka Kurita.

3. With Emoji 12.0 there will be 3053 emojis.

4. The “face with tears of joy” was the most used emoji in 2018 😂.

5. The white heart was the most requested emoji in 2018.

6. In 2015, 😂 became Oxford Dictionaries’ “Word” of the Year.

7. You can submit a proposal for an emoji. Here’s how.

8. You can actually track which emojis used on Twitter in real-time here.

9. Emojis are killing off netspeak. OMG. ☠️

10. An emoji also featured in an  economic report issued by The White House 🏛️.


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