Dubai Resident Files Complaint Cause He Couldn't Reach the Next Level of Video Game

You Won’t Believe Why This Dubai Resident Filed a Consumer Complaint

April 10, 2019

*blame game*🎮

A UAE resident filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Department, stating that his Play Station game was faulty ’cause he couldn’t reach the next level of the video game! The complaint was lodged against the shop he bought it from.

And the Consumer Protection Department actually carried out an investigation. Ahmad Al Zaabi, Director, Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) said “In the case of the video game, we gathered the necessary information and evidences related to the complaint with due consideration to the complainant’s concern that it could be a fake product.”

However upon investigation, the enraged complainant discovered that the game was not faulty and that he did manage to move onto the next level.

Al Zaabi said “As our investigation was progressing we received a call from the complainant informing that he was able to move to the next level of the game, and he withdrew the complaint as the issue was not the product but lack of specific skills required to complete the game.”

We’re just glad he got to the next level. And that the Consumer Protection Department has over back!

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