The Emirates A380 Onboard Lounge is Really Swanky!

July 9, 2019

Imagine sipping bubbly, nibbling on caviar and lounging in style at 40,000 ft! If you like the sound of that, step right on board.

While casually looking up flights for the upcoming Eid break, the Emirates website got us hooked to the 3D experience of the A380 Onboard Lounge and wow, it’s really something!

What’s the onboard lounge you ask? Well, it pretty much sums up the jet-set lifestyle. It’s a swanky, exclusive lounge on the upper deck of the A380 where you can truly sit back and relax in luxury. The Onboard Lounge offers comfortable lounge seats where you can mingle with other passengers, grab a bite, stretch your legs and order a drink or two! Apparently you have a choice of 18 different bar snacks to choose from! Perfect for mid-flight munchies!

And if that isn’t tempting enough, the lounge has a 55 inch LCD screen with a live broadcast and free WiFi which means you’re connected throughout your journey!

So, how does one score entry to this swanky Onboard Lounge?

The Emirates A380 onboard lounge is accessible to Emirates First Class and Business Class flyers only. Look out for the best deals, use your miles or credit card perks and treat yourself to to this unrivaled experience. Fly better!

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