tim bergling tribute tomorrowland 2019 mainstage

The Tomorrowland “Book of Wisdom” Mainstage Has Lots of Hidden Gems

July 22, 2019

For their 15 year anniversary, Tomorrowland’s “Book of Wisdom- The Return” theme was a stunning tribute to their first theme from way back in 2012. The theme unfolded a series of beautiful tributes to prior themes, artist and more- all of which that took centre stage of the Holy Grounds. If you weren’t too caught up getting lost in the music, you might have noted these hidden gems that have their own story to tell.

Here’s the epic Tomorrowland Mainstage 2019 which was designed to mimic a library of sorts.

The Tomorrowland Book of Wisdom Mainstage Has Lots of Hidden Gems

And here at the incredible details.

Symphony of Unity- The orchestra took us on a journey of some of the best Tomorrowland anthems ever played. Classic and electronic music united and it was every bit magical.

The Hymn of the Frozen Lotus- Standing out in a shade of bright blue, this book pays tribute to the first ever Tomorrowland Winter that took place earlier this year in the French Alps.

The Key to Happiness- Placed on top of the prior books, sits an emerald green book called “The Key to Happiness” which was the theme for 2014.

Pyramids from Space- Placed right at the center of the stage is a navy blue book with the name “Pyramids from Space” and the number “20”. Tomorrowland didn’t give an explanation for this book which has us thinking that it could be the theme for Tomorrowland 2020! Or that the theme for Tomorrowland 2020 could have a lot to do with outer space.

What are these books telling us? In Search of Lost Time, Pyramids from Space and La Terre a La Lune???

pyramids fom space tomorrowland 2020 theme

The Tim Bergling tribute- Of course, this one has our hearts. The book perched on the left side on the stage pays tribute to EDM legend, Avicii. Best. Tribute. Ever.

tim bergling tribute tomorrowland 2019 mainstage

What’s your favourite detail from the stage? And do you think “Pyramids from Space” could be the theme for Tomorrowland 2020?

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