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October 7, 2019

Warning: Spoiler alerts.

Comicdom’s Clown Prince, the Joker, finally gets his own movie. Todd Phillip’s controversial origin story, Joker, takes viewers back in time to unveil the story of Arthur Fleck before he became one of the darkest villains ever. If you watched the movie, you might have walked out a little “shook”. The movie leaves us asking more questions than before and we’re hunting down Easter eggs to help solve some of the mysteries.

A Bob Kane homage?
Interestingly, Arthur Fleck’s social worker is named Debra Kane. This could be a homage to Batman and Joker’s creator Bob Kane. Also, in 1995’s Batman: The Ultimate Evil, Debra Kane works for Gotham’s Child Protective Services and becomes friends with Bruce Wayne.

Joker Movie Easter Eggs

Arkham State Hospital
Arthur Fleck turns up at Arkham State Hospital to retrieve documents about his birth parents. In the comics, Arkham Asylum, is home for the criminally insane.

joker easter eggs movie

Joker’s Talk Show debut
Arthur Fleck introduces the Joker during a talk show with Murray Franklin’s chat show, much like the Joker’s debut in The Dark Knight Returns.

easter eggs from joker movie

The Wayne Killings
Bruce Wayne’s parents are murdered in what’s known as Crime Alley after leaving the screening of The Mark of Zorro. In Joker, a man with a clown mask killing the Waynes after they watched Zorro, The Gay Blade.

The crew shoutouts
In the scene where Fleck is dancing with his mother in the living room, the TV flashes names of some of the crew members like the Joker’s assistant production coordinator and assistant art director.

joker easter eggs hidden

These were some of the Easter eggs we spotted in Joker. Help us find others and let us know in the comments below.

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