UAE to Create World's First Largest Artificial Reef

UAE to Create World’s First Largest Artificial Reef

February 20, 2020

It’s official, the UAE will be creating the world’s largest artificial reef in Fujeirah.

The 300,000 square metre project will see marine biologists from the Emirates and conservationists from the United States join forces to create the reef. Last week, scientists from the Florida Keys National Sanctuary toured coastline for the project. Andy Bruckner, the Florida sanctuary’s lead scientist said “We saw this as a unique opportunity because the UAE is proposing to undertake the largest creation of the largest artificial reef anywhere in the world.”

Together they will grow and plant corals to create a new reef, however, we’ll have to keep our flippers aside for now as the project is estimated to take close to a decade to be completed.
Mr Bruckner told The National, “Corals are basically the trees of the oceans,” adding “Without those corals the fish have all disappeared. Our goal is to bring those things back and we see a unique opportunity here [in the UAE] because the environment is very similar.”
Currently, the east coast of Fujeirah is a popular snorkeling destination in the UAE. It offers up natural reefs with schools of mutli-hued fish, turtles and baby sharks! Popular sites include Dibba Rock, Martini Rock, Sharm Rocks, and Shark Island.

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