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Hop On Board the Dance DD Bus and Win Tickets to Comic Con!

April 7, 2019

The Dance Double D Bus has been making some noise! And it’s about to get louder! This week, join our Dance FM presenters and the rest of the crew on our very own Dance FM City Sightseeing bus that will be starting from our headquarters  from 8-10am. There’s a whole lot of music on board,

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Avicii’s New Track “S.O.S” to Drop This Week with an Album Following in June!

April 7, 2019

Almost a year after the passing of Avicii, music producer Carl Falk has been busy working hard to bring the prodigy’s music back to life. Falk said “I was trying to produce through someone else’s eyes and ears — someone who’s not here. It was really hard not to criticize yourself the whole time. Would he like

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hollaphonic dxb airport first DJs
Hollaphonic Are the First DJs to Have a Residency at an Airport!

April 4, 2019

Whoa! DXB is the world’s first airport to host resident DJs and it’s none other than our very own Dance FM duo Greg Stainer & Olly Wood a.k.a Hollaphonic!  View this post on Instagram So pleased to announce a long term partnership between @DXB and our new agency project @hollasonic … first off @hollaphonic are

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top ten marshmello collaborations
Marshmello Is a Serial Collaborator! Here Are His Top Ten!

April 3, 2019

Remember Marshmello’s collab with rapper Roddy Riddich for “Project Dreams”? Marshmello clearly is an artist who loves to dabble with genres (including Bollywood) and he does it so well! From future house to trap to pop, he’s an ace music producer who doesn’t shy away from experimentation. Gotta love him for that! And more recently

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RTA new bus routes April 7 Dubai
The RTA Added 9 New Bus Routes in Dubai

April 3, 2019

Thank you 🙏 The announcement by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has folks very happy. Starting Sunday April 7, the new bus routes will connect commuters with their new service to Al Ain, IMPZ, Arabian Ranches and more. The service aims to “meet the growing demand for bus service” in Dubai, and improve “the integration with

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