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Anika Morjaria aka Literally Anika: Beats & Bloggers exclusive interview

May 13, 2018

From a girl who knew nothing about presenting to someone who travels the world representing brands, Anika Morjaria, better known by her social media handle ‘Literally Anika,’ is a traveller and entertainer right from the heart of the UAE. SHe dropped by the Dance FM studios to have a chat with Gemma Sexton on The Vibe’s

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Steve Aoki wins a cake-off at Gotha Club Dubai

May 10, 2018

We do not need to tell you this because you already knew that Steve Aoki performed at the Gotha Club Dubai on the 10th of May, this Thursday. Before his performance at Gotha, Danny Cee and Joe Mango interviewed the star DJ and challenged him to a cupcake-off, which he obviously won, since he is a

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Miss Siberia Natalia Kapchuk: Beats & Bloggers Exclusive Interview

May 3, 2018

An actress, singer, model, businesswoman, TV presenter, Miss Siberia and now an artist, there is nothing that Natalia Kapchuk cannot do. Natalia Dropped by the Dance FM Studio to chat with Gemma Sexton on The Vibe and filled us in on how she has tried her hand at so many trades and where she sees

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This is what DJ Driis did in Dubai. An exclusive Idris Elba interview & live DJ set

May 3, 2018

The world is flooded with actors who have turned to music, but it is not often that you see someone start off as a DJ and then find their fame on the big screen. That is exactly the case with British DJ and actor, Idris Elba. Ahead of his performance at the Gotha Club Dubai,

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The handsome Omar Borkan: Beats & Bloggers exclusive interview

April 29, 2018

Most of the world refers to him as ‘the most handsome man’ on the planet, but he also goes by the name Omar Borkan. In an interview with Gemma Sexton on The Vibe, he gave listeners a run through on what it is like to represent some of the world’s biggest brands and how the whole world frenzy began.

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