Gemma Sexton

Australian Gemma Sexton comes from Sydney and was raised across the globe from Australia and Singapore to England. Gemma was destined for the centre stage from day one, picking drama and the drums to accompany her through high school.

She has an insatiable appetite for adventure and meeting new people. She is “The Queen of Quirk,” thanks to her time in Tokyo surrounded by Harajuku girls. Japan is where Gemma began her journey in media as a presenter, actor, and model.

Gemma believes that life is about balance and that’s why is she is obsessed with Zumba to counter her sweet tooth. She spent two months in an ashram in Rishikesh, India as a yogi, only to realise that maybe her talents were suited for other things like being on Dance FM, she is a big advocate of positive vibes! Gemma wakes up every morning with a desire to boost listeners’ moods, making them smile wide and toothy with
the help of music.

Finally, and most importantly, she is a hardcore lover and collector of all things that glitter. If it glimmers, it’ll be gone!

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