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Jayworx a.k.a Yianni was born in Sydney Australia at the beginning of the 70s where he spent most of his time listening to the radio and watching mobile Djs at birthday parties where he was fascinated by the power that the Dj had over the dance floor!

He moved to Rhodes Island Greece in ’85 where he was introduced to the massive music scene Rhodes had to offer. Rhodes was the musical centre for most of Greece at the time. Catering the musical tastes for tourists from all over the world. Being overwhelmed by this it didn’t take long for him to start Djing in some of the most prestigious bars and clubs.

Over 30 years down the line he has achieved guest spots all over the UK and sponsorships from Pioneer.

In ’98-’99  while he was touring the UK under the management of Mainstar International.

He was also discovered by Pioneer which were fascinated by his technical skills and made him a Beta tester for the Pioneer Pro DJ department in the UK in which his feedback helped shape what CDJ’s are today.

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