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Nicky Romero

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From being a young, music wunderkind to an influential artist in electronic dance music, Nicky Romero has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. The DJ and producer is also a label mogul who is at the forefront of EDM.


From iconic hits like “Toulouse” to “PRTCL”, Nicky has an impressive and long discography that covers originals, remixes, edits and co-productions, which are constantly evolving with the fast-changing space of electronic music.

His successful label Protocol Recordings covers everything from the stage to the studio and beyond and is truly leaving a lasting impression in the electronic dance space. A forerunner of EDM, Nicky Romero released several singles but officially had his breakthrough with the viral anthem “Toulouse” and “I Could Be the One” (vs. Avicii), which to date has amassed over 185 million streams on Spotify.

He has also co-produced with legendary artists, both on Rihanna’s hit “Right Now” and Britney Spears’ “It Should Be Easy” which ultimately paved the way for Nicky’s own label, Protocol Recordings.

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