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Australian Gemma Sexton comes from Sydney and was raised across the globe from Australia and Singapore to England. Gemma was destined for the centre stage from day one, picking drama and the drums to accompany her through high school. She has an...

Gemma Sexton

Joe grew up in a small village in England near Reddich. He moved to the UAE in 2007 when his family migrated to Dubai. As someone who had always had a huge love for music, it only seemed right that he should enroll in a course at SAE, after which he moved...

Joe Mango

James Aramouni is Dance FM’s freshest face. Born under the California sunshine in the 90s, he has always had a love for music, his friends and family, unsafe amounts of time playing Nintendo and more recently, the gym. James made his radio debut after...

James Aramouni

Lucy began her life in England’s capital, London. From an early age, she was completely in love with house music and rave culture. She quickly got onto the club circuit in London and began playing out to bigger and bigger crowds. After playing many gigs,...

Lucy Stone

Olly Wood is one half of multi-award winning electronic duo Hollaphonic. The first electronic music act to be signed to a major label in the Middle East, Universal Music Group; after this initial breakthrough their rise to fame has been rapid, with four...

Olly Wood

Greg Stainer is a British house music and electronic dance music DJ, producer and remix artist who now resides in Dubai. He is the owner of Stained Music and one half of electronic music duo Hollaphonic. Stainer first appeared on the music scene in the...

Greg Stainer

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